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Seth Godin (born July 10, 1960) is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker.
Born in Mount Vernon, New York, Godin received his high school diploma from Williamsville East High School in 1978 before graduating from Tufts University with a degree in computer science and philosophy. Godin attended Camp Arowhon, where he was a valued canoe instructor. He still frequents the camp to tell ghost stories. Godin often refers to his camp days in his writings. Godin earned his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. From 1983 to 1986, he worked as a brand manager at Spinnaker Software.
After leaving Spinnaker Software in 1986, Godin used $20,000 in savings to found Seth Godin Productions, primarily a book packaging business, out of a studio apartment in New York City. It was in the same offices that Godin met Mark Hurst and founded Yoyodyne. After a few years Godin sold the book packaging business to his employees and focused his efforts on Yoyodyne. It was with Yoyodyne that Godin promoted the concept of permission marketing originally developed by Perlstein.
Godin argues that the end of the "TV-Industrial complex" means that marketers no longer have the power to command the attention of anyone they choose, whenever they choose. Second, in a marketplace in which consumers have more power, he thinks marketers must show more respect; this means no spam, no deceit and a bias for keeping promises. Finally, Godin asserts that the only way to spread the word about an idea is for that idea to earn the buzz by being remarkable. Godin refers to those who spread these ideas as "Sneezers", and to the spreading idea as an "IdeaVirus." He calls a remarkable product or service a purple cow.
Advertisements on television and radio are classified by Godin as "interruption marketing" which interrupt the customer while they are doing something of their preference. Godin promoted the concept of "permission marketing" where the business provides something "anticipated, personal, and relevant".
As of August 2013, Godin and his wife Helene live in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, US with their two sons.
As of April 27, 2014, Godin is the author of 17 books: Tribes and Linchpin are his two best-selling books, while Free Prize Inside was a Forbes Business Book of the Year in 2004. Additionally, during its first two years of release, Purple Cow sold over 150,000 copies in over more than 23 print runs. The Dip was a Business Week and New York Times bestseller. In the early 1990s, he created a 10-book series for children titled Worlds of Power, which was written by various writers. Each of the book's plots is based on a video game and are written in a novelized form.

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Seth Godin - Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When To Quit (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - All Marketers Are Liars: The Power Of Telling Authentic Stories In A Low-Trust World (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - Poke The Box (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - Small Is The New Big: And 193 Other Riffs, Rants, And Remarkable Business Ideas (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - We Are All Weird: The Myth Of Mass And The End Of Compliance (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - Free Prize Inside!: The Next Big Marketing Idea AB (read by Seth Godin)
Seth Godin - The Big Moo: Stop Trying To Be Perfect And Start Being Remarkable (read by Seth Godin)
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