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By apple2000
[center]Vero Edgecam Desinger 2020.0.1920 x64


Vero Edgecam Desinger 2020.0.1920 x64 | File Size: 1.00 GB

EDGECAM Designer fills the gap between CAD and CAM. From fixture design, to part repair & modification, EDGECAM Designer is the ultimate CAD solution for taking geometry through to manufacture.

Direct modelling frees the user from the constraints of a traditional modelling system. Rather than modifying a lengthy series of parameters to make a design change, direct modelling allows the user to push, pull and drag the geometry to obtain their desired shape. These changes can be completely freeform or driven by numeric increments and measurements taken from existing geometry. Knowledge of how the original model was constructed is no longer necessary and design changes are not constrained to the original methods of creation. Direct modelling gives the user complete freedom of construction whether creating a new component or modifying an existing design created in any of the myriad of CAD formats that Designer supports.

Simple menu and icon commands with context sensitive online help make it quick and easy to start using EDGECAM Designer.

Dynamic rotation, zoom and pan, together with programmable function keys and mouse buttons help speed up the operation of the software. Unlimited undo and redo operations with user definable bookmarks enable the designer to move backwards and forwards throughout the design process. Multi-layer and multi-origin control with user definable color pallets and line styles makes it easy to review, create and work with very complex designs. Lightning fast rendering, transparency control and dynamic sectioning make it easy to visualize CAD files and large assemblies.

Extensive Range of CAD Interfaces:
EDGECAM Designer imports data from a wide variety of exchange formats including Parasolid, IGES, STEP, ACIS, DXF, DWG, STL and VDA files as well as native data from the following CAD systems:

-Catia V4 & V5
-Autodesk Inventor
-Siemens NX
-Solid Edge

The extensive range of translators ensures that users can work with data from almost any supplier. Very large files can be handled with ease and companies working with complex designs will benefit from the simplicity with which their customer's CAD data can be manipulated.

Features at a glance:
-Easy to learn intuitive user interface
-Direct modelling CAD environment
-Combined wireframe, surface & solid modelling
-Powerful sketching with automated region creation
-Surface repair of imported data
-Extensive list of CAD import formats

System Requirements:
System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

-Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (SP1 required)
-Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise (SP1 required)
-Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (SP1 required)
-Microsoft Windows 8 Professional
-Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise
-Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
-Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
Whats New:
-VERO-25284 Splashscreen: brandinfo.exe crashes in Korean language
-VERO-24862 Plotter Parameters: Designer crashes accessing 'Plotter style' tab
-VERO-19067 Add Portuguese Brazilian to Designer
-VERO-22026 Cuboid: Equidistant filter is ignored
-VERO-22442 The Combined pick mode is not correctly restored
-VERO-22796 Pure sketching commands - Improve the UI
-VERO-23886 Extrude command defaults to combined everytime a extrusion is applied
-VERO-24505 Command name and tooltip problems
-VERO-24654 Add elements to node in structure tree only works on EMPTY nodes
-VERO-24671 Curves and Polylines disappear in 2D Drawing environment
-VERO-24760 Missing labels cause wrong messages to be shown during customisation
-VERO-25120 Shifted application point when inserting a part on relative origin
-VERO-25181 Fill holes: First selection wrong then the next selection gives operation not possible
-VERO-25286 Splashscreen: "This product is license to %s" string incorrectly displayed
-VERO-25417 It is not possible to include a text entity in the 2D Drawing environment
-VERO-25513 Cannot open files with foreign characters in 2020.0
-VERO-25812 Update all language packs
-VERO-26150 Assert in Extend by length command
-VERO-24710 Page numbers are incorrect in 2d drawing
-VERO-24746 untranslated strings in message logs
-VERO-25322 Languages: Small fixes in PO files
-VERO-25596 copy paste of third-party solids still has colour problems
-VERO-25746 Languages: Small fixes in PO files (Portuguese)

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