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By Robinhood
ImageDeBTPDA has released "Going Nuts" for android. It's a nice game the only problem is that it is sometimes slow.

Description: Going Nuts is a fun game for Android that involves navigating a cute flying squirrel through dense forests while gathering acorns. Enjoy power-ups, upgrades, exciting 3D graphics, OpenFeint achievements, and much more.

If you feel like flying all out, look into the various fun achievements available, including collecting 1,000 frozen nuts to achieve the Winter Coat, hitting 10 owls for the Avian Flu, and flying 200 meters without collecting a single nut to earn the Allergic to Nuts achievement. Show off with OpenFeint leaderboards and have fun Going Nuts!


  • Enjoy Exciting 3D graphics and just the cutest little squirrel
  • Engage in intense gameplay as you fly through lush trees, burnt forests, and more
  • Buy power-ups, upgrades, and outfits in the shop with the nuts you gather
  • Level up and gain rewards by completing goals
Release Name: Going.Nuts.v2.1.Android-DeBTPDA
Size: 13.63 MB
Links: Play Google - NFO - NTi - TPB


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