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Any goods in just 30%, I offer you shopping services on the site of ebay, amazon and others where take the Paypal system
Only 30% of the total cost of the goods, driving from the cards usually Austria, you take it to your post office.
Example in the screenshot below, I drove my buyer a coin, it cost him 30% ($ 360 instead of $ 1200)
A good way to earn both you and me
Write in telegram messenger @Akira202 or on my mail [email protected]
With the mark <VBI> or <purchase>
Everything will explain everything

Image быстрый фотошоп онлайн
Image быстрый фотошоп онлайн
Image ipic




DeskCalc Pro 8.3.8


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https://i.imgaa.com/2018/10/11/5bbf2a4341517.jpg […]

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