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Python Network Programming | Network Apps & Hacking Tools Course

Python Network Programming | Network Apps & Hacking Tools Course

In this course you’ll learn everything you need to know to start coding network applications in Python 3. I’ll walk you through setting up your environment and getting started with using Python 3. I won’t leave anything to guessing and will explain every line of code.

This course consists of 5.5 hours of Full HD video material comprised of 25 lectures. You’ll become familiar with basics of networking: internet architecture, IP addresses, Python TCP connections, Ports and Sockets. You’ll discover core concepts of network communication and Python 3 network coding.

I’ll show you how to use Python 3 TCP sockets to create client and server network applications. We’ll create over 15 different Python 3 networking applications and code application tools for hackers. I’ll show you how to build a Python 3 IRC Bot and learn how to process IRC server responses using TCP sockets.

Python Network Programming | Network Apps & Hacking Tools Course Free

We’ll create a Python 3 banner grabbing tool using TCP sockets to connect to remote services and log banner messages. You’ll code your own Web Server enumerator tool to scan web servers to find hidden directories or files using the requests library. You’ll create a Client/Server tool for transferring files to and from remote systems using TCP sockets.

I’ll show you how to build a Stealth Port Scanner to scan remote servers using scapy without making a complete TCP connection to the server. We’ll use the Paramiko library to make an interactive SSH Shellconnection to a remote SSH server using Python 3.

You’ll build your own SMTP Username Enumerator to find user accounts on remote systems using TCP sockets. We’ll develop a Python 3 sFTP tool to securely download and upload files to and from remote servers in Python 3. I’ll show you how to connect to a remote POP Mail Server and retrieve email from a remote server.

We’ll create a SMTP client tool to read Email from a remote SMTP server using the smtplib library. You’ll create your own a Man-in-The-Middle Python 3 tool to sniff internet traffic from a remote system. We’ll code your own Host Discovery tool in Python 3 using scapy to locate live systems on a network using ARP, ICMP, and TCP methods.

You’ll also build a Data Scraping tool to harvest information from remote websites to locate IP Addresses, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers of your target.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python 3 coders interested in creating their own Networking tools.
  • Python 3 Hackers wanting to develop their own hacking tools in Python 3.
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Python Network Programming | Network Apps & Hacking Tools Course

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